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Look around the history, culture, economy and future in Chiyoda of the "Reiwa" era !

Dear Agents, In the beginning of the "Reiwa" era, Mission Day will be held in Chiyoda, the center of Tokyo. Chiyoda may be the most popular place in Tokyo to see the center of the economy, Kasumigaseki, and the business district such as Marunouchi, and the subcultural mecca in Akihabara and the many historic sites in Kanda... There is a great access because several subway and JR Lines are running, and the Imperial Palace and the National Diet Building are located at the center of Chiyoda. We hope that all agents will find new Chiyoda riding the big wave of “Reiwa” era through this Mission Day.


Tokyo Tourist Information(1-6-17, Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
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Time schedule

Please see the mission medal granting conditions on the mission page, and after completing the prescribed number of missions, please come to the venue. You don't have to come before you start the mission.

Venue at Tokyo Tourist Information
After party reception at Dining Cafe ESPERIA
After party at Dining Cafe ESPERIA

* We don't take a group photos.

Conditions of the Mission Medals

On that day, you need to complete more than six kinds of Mission. (Agents with handicap are OK if they complete any one mission.)



Full of highlights of Chiyoda-ku! We introduce 24 missions.


It's event information of Chiyoda-ku on Novenber 3.


Introducing MissionDay Chiyoda's original characters "Jimbo Machiko" and "Nyahhon" and The Chiyoda City Tourism Association Ambassador's virtual YouTuber "Tenjin Kotone"!
XF After Party

Ingress MissionDay Chiyoda XF After Party

The after party was a great success. Thank you for your coming to XF After Party!